Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She is Amazing

Monday morning Ty had a complete meltdown when it was time to wake up & get ready for school. Complete with gruntings, tears & yelling. What a way to start the week & a Monday morning! He just wouldn't listen & fought me every step of the way. He wouldn't tell me what he wanted for breakfast so I put some blueberry mini muffins on his plate-easy enough?! Well, he did not want to eat those but he wouldn't tell me what he wanted either! He did however tell Leah & she proceeded to tell me. She helped him pack his bag & get his shoes on (because Ty was so mad at me that he didn't want me around. The feeling was a bit mutual.) He even told me he didn't want to eat breakfast with me in the kitchen! Ha! And I thought only girls had attitudes!!
But Leah was amazing through it all. She was extremely patient with  him, much more than even I was. She talked to him in a very kind & pragmatic way. And that worked for him. He listened to her & talked to her. He was so mad at me though that he wouldn't walk next to me on the way to the busstop! We all have our days I guess!
Yesterday morning I was so proud of the big sister that Leah is. She really looks after her brother. She even still sits with him on the bus because he is not 100% confident without her. She is an amazing kid with a kind and loving heart! I love her to pieces and she shines oh so bright.

Do you know who else I think is amazing, in a scrappy way? Linda Albrecht! And she is giving away an awesome mini on her blog! Be sure to check it out.
Night all!

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