Thursday, December 5, 2013


Leah stayed home from school because she had a sore throat & just felt all around crummy. She got the nasty cold that I had! I had to volunteer at the Angel Tree from 10-12, so she was at home resting & watching t.v. I asked her if she was scared & she looked at me like I had 3 heads! She said "why would I be?" She is so mature & responsible. And nothing like me when I was a kid!  (I guess being the youngest of 4 meant I was a little coddled!!) She really amazes me. And she didn't want to miss school (she loves it this year), but she felt that bad.

So I tried to get a bit of Christmas shopping done today but it wasn't in the cards for me. I went to Target before heading to the Angel Tree at the mall, & God forgive me, I got in line behind that lady! She was trying to pay for her items with a gift card & a debit card. And the cashier was not able to process that request! Lord, I was running late & did not have the patience. I left my things on the counter & walked out. I know it was hasty & probably rude. It has been one of those days. Not much patience for anything today.

So I have gotten the kids ready for bed & I am heading to bed myself! I am going to read this book

and hope that my husband doesn't have to t.v. up too loud & annoy me!!!
Good night y'all. (And yes, it is only 8 p.m.)
Tomorrow's another day.....

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