Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rescue Me!

So I mentioned the other day how the kids couldn't wait to get snow, right? Well, we got snow Tuesday afternoon, but the kicker is, we didn't get much. Maybe 2 inches. Since the temps have been so cold here (we haven't gotten out of the 20's all week), nothing is melting & there is ice under the little bit of snow. So that means, since we live in the south, that the kids have been out of school ALL week! And they are off again tomorrow! And Monday is a pre-scheduled teacher work day, so they won't got to school then! And I may have already gone insane!!!
They are loving every minute of it, though. Yesterday we went to a local middle school & went sledding & snow boarding. Then we went to lunch with my sister & nephew. Today they played outside most of the day with friends. Tonight they are having sleepovers. It's like summer, minus the heat & mosquitoes!  

Even the dogs are enjoying it.
And as for me, well, I am counting down the hours til Tuesday!
Take care y'all!

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