Thursday, June 26, 2014


As I write this post, I am still in a state of shock that 2Peas is closing! Have you heard? If not, you can read more about it here.

I remember when I first found 2Peas some 11 years ago. I was sitting at my computer at my old job (when I should have been working) & Googled "scrapbooking". 2Peas was one of the first sites to come up! It was an immediate draw & scrap "home" for me since. Granted, a lot of that time was spent lurking-I didn't join in on many forum discussions or even start posting to the gallery until many years later-but that was my first stop for inspiration & shopping.  The Garden Girls were amazingly talented women &  the classes offered rocked. 2Peas has been an icon in the scrapbooking industry & the community will suffer from it's closing I am afraid.
It seems like this hobby, that so many of us love & dedicate much of our souls to, is slowly dwindling. I pray I am wrong, but many brick & mortar stores couldn't make it, than paper magazines started going by the wayside, now a HUGE site is closing. I am afraid of what may come next. I do know, that no matter what, I will always love this hobby & will continue to create & scrap!!
Where will you go now to shop & find inspiration? Are you a member on any other forums? I guess I will be looking for a new place to call "home"!  
Hope you will share your thoughts with me!

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