Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School

So yesterday was my kids' first day of school. Ty started second grade & Leah started sixth, which is also the start of middle school here!
Ty got the teacher he was hoping for, the same teacher that Leah had in second grade. And while he was excited to have her, & some of his good friends in his class, he was NOT excited at all to go back to school! He told me after getting off the bus in the afternoon that his day was long!! (I hope it's not going to feel like that for him all year!)
  Leah gets home now about 45 minutes after Ty. She told us that she had a good day, likes all of her teachers & knows at least one person in each class. When I asked her if she got lost at all, she said "surprisingly, I didn't"! She said this morning that she was excited to go back & likes her new school! What a relief to this momma's heart!!
Drew & I were not allowed to walk to the bus stop with her. She told us she didn't want us to now that she's  in middle school! I get it completely. So this is the shot I got of her walking to the bus stop

And just like that, they're off! It's nice to have time to myself, & some peace & quiet, but I do miss them. But I'm sure winter break will be here before we can catch our breath!!

Have a great Wednesday y'all!!

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