Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can't Believe She Is 12!!!

Today is Leah's 12th birthday! I can not wrap my head around this fact. All day I have been staring at her wondering where my "little" girl went! It seems like just yesterday that she was a sassy, head-strong three year-old that I never thought I would survive parenting! Fortunately, we all did survive those tumultuous years & she is one of the best things (along with her her brother) that have ever happened in my life.
Yes, the road was extremely hard at times & yes, I was very guilty of praying  that the bad times would pass quickly, against the advice of elders who told me not to wish it away. It was all worth it though, for today, Leah is one of the most caring, tender-hearted people I know. She is smart, kind, empathetic, a good friend & an all-around great girl.
We took her & Ty out of school early, as we do every year, (even though she is now in middle school!) & went out to lunch. Then, as is our tradition, we went downtown to visit Santa. We came home & she opened her presents from us, her Mom-Mom & her best friend!
I'd say she had a good day & we are excited to see what she accomplishes in her 12th year!! She is so very loved!

Have a wonderful night, y'all!

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