Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catching Up

Wow- it is so hard to believe that Halloween was almost a week ago! And I have been meaning to update my blog & show pics of our Halloween decs & costumes. Life just gets in the way sometimes & I have to roll with it. When I started this blog, I vowed I would not let it interfere with such. So I guess I shouldn't complain that this post is about a week late, right?! Atleast it's getting done!
This year the kids were super excited about Halloween! Ty started counting down the days even before school started in September! And he knew all along that he wanted to be Darth Vader. Leah was a witch (hand-me-down costume from her cousin-SCORE)!
We have more outdoor decorations for Halloween than we do Christmas! (I'm hoping that will soon change!) Here are some pictures of our spooky home this season.  

And here are the kids in costume:

We also have a growing collection of decorations for the inside of the house. I have to admit, Halloween decorations are cute, but I never thought they would adorn our home. My kids love all of them though!  

We have always had the family, as well as our neighbors, over on Halloween for pizza dinner & to take pictures before we all head out trick-or-treating together. Last year I made a centipede out of cupcakes & wanted to try something new this year. I saw these owl cupcakes on the Betty Crocker website. They were very easy & a big hit!   

One last decoration I wanted to share before I am done with the Halloween recap! My sister gave us this house last year after Halloween. I dug it out this year & decided to add to it a bit. I went through my scrap stash & this is what it looks like now. 
Now that I have inundated you all with way too many pictures, I am signing off. Time to get the kids to bed & prepare for the start of a new week! (We're one more closer to Christmas!!)
Night all!

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