Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Challenge

I do have a layout to share tonight, but first I wanted  to talk about how excited Ty has been to start t-ball. He has been anticipating it for months now. He has had a few practices & received his "Riverdog" uniform two weeks ago. Since then, he has shown everyone who walked through our front door his new, admired threads! He was supposed to have his very first game last Thursday, but alas, it rained & t-ball was cancelled for that day. His next game was sheduled for this past Saturday. He woke up & the first words out of his mouth were "Mommy, am I gonna have my t-ball game today?" And would you believe, it rained that day & his game was cancelled again! He was bummed but was a good sport. Although, he did tell me the following day that  he didn't think he'd ever get to play a game. He is so anxious to get out on the field & try out his new skills. Once at practice, he caught a ball in the air that was thrown to him & his pride was immeasurable!! We hope to have the first game this Friday. (Please, Mother Nature, no rain!!! A little boy's heart couldn't handle it.)

And here is a layout that I finished today (just in the knick of time) for a sketch challenge on the My Mind's Eye blog. Here is the sketch:

And here is my layout:

Almost everything here is from My MInd's Eye, most of it from their Miss Caroline collection. I love every bit of it!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you guys have a terrific night!

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  1. Cuteeeeeeeee photo of Ty and loveeeeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING the butterflies and the sequins!!