Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Simple Card

So I realized tonight that I had never posted this extremely simple card I made (yes, I did say CARD)! I am not much of a cardmaker but really wish I were. I love seeing the gorgeous creations of fellow crafters, I just can never seem to create a card that seems delivery-worthy to me.
But here is my attempt at a birthday card:
I just cut 3 different sized strips of paper & stacked them to look like a cake. Then I added 3 more strips of paper that I punched with a border punch. I thought this gave it the look of icing. Topped the "cake" with a hat pin & hand wrote "make a wish" & Ta-DA. That is my birthday card.
See? Nothing fancy at all. Maybe one day I can make cards that will cause others to drool (or maybe not)!
Have a great night all!!

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