Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And They're Off!

Today was a big day here. Leah started 4th grade & Ty started Kindergarten!!!
We are on a different schedule this year & school starts later so the kids got to sleep til 7 a.m.! Leah got right up & got herself  dressed & ready in no time flat. Ty was a different story. He is not a morning person & it took him almost 15 minutes after we woke him up to get out of bed. Leah actually helped me get him dressed while he was stil llying in bed! He had a couple tears in his eyes & said he didn't want to go to school, but then he was fine. He ate his breakfast & told me what to pack for lunch & he even seemed a bit excited. We took pictures & then headed out the door at 7:45 for the busstop. He became very quiet once we got around everyone. There are 2 girls from his busstop that are in his class aslo. He was sitting on the driveway when the bus pulled up & when he saw it he buried his face in Drew's side & the tears began. He was saying he didn't want to go & crying so I asked Leah to stay w/ him. The bus driver let her sit with him & Leah said he calmed down shortly after. She even walked him to his class (what an awesome big sister she is)!        

The bus was late dropping off this afternoon. It's supposed to come at 3:04 & didn't get here until almost 4:00! We were all there to greet him-me, Drew, my mom, my sister Kelli & my nephew Trey. When he got off the bus I asked him how his day was & he told me not good. He said school was boring & he didn't like it. I'm sure he was exhausted! That's a long day for a little kid. He said he didn't make any new friends & ate lunch by himself & played by himself on the playground. Time will change that though.
After school we went out for ice cream, which is our annual tradition. We have done it since Leah started Kindergarten.  We went with my sister, my niece & nephew. The kids were excited for that!
 It is so hard to believe that they are this grown. My heart was aching today after they left for school. The house was so quiet & I saw photos of them as babies & small children everywhere I looked. It is slipping through my fingers so quickly & it is making me sadder with each passing day. Yet I also see great, polite, respectful  kids when I look at them & that is an amazing feeling. It's just all so fleeting & I wish I could slow it down. I miss them when they're not with me!
    I hope that they both have an incredible year, make good friends & have fun experiences!
Have a good night.

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