Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Ready

Hey y'all! It's 7 p.m. Monday night & we are preparing for Sandy's wrath. We still have power but are hanging onto each moment with gratefulness. The winds are picking up & they say that overnight could be the worst for us! Let's HOPE & PRAY they're wrong!!
So the kids didn't have school today & they don't have it tomorrow! And Drew was off of work (he is again tomorrow too)! Not so bad when we have power, but if we lose it-UGH!
Today they carved pumpkins & played all afternoon with their best friends!

Friday night we went to a local shopping center to trick-or-treat. I figured that way if things go awry & they can't go on Halloween, they'll atleast have had something! 

Hope you all are safe!
Have a great night!

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