Thursday, November 15, 2012

Slipping By

Hey ya''ll!
So here it is the middle of November, Thanksgiving is in one week & yet I still feel like Halloween was yesterday! (I actually have some Halloween decorations still out. And our Christmas placemats are on the kitchen table! What?!)
I never did a Halloween recap, so better late than never, here it is!
Leah was a vampiress this year & Ty was a black & red ninja.

Our wonderful & artisitic neighbor did Leah's make-up!

Here is a shot of all the kids who trick-or-treated together:

Trey was a cowbboy & the only cousin to come over this year! We were a bit saddened by that, but Sarah (my 13 yo niece) went out w/ her friends. And the others are too old & we hardly see them as they're so busy w/ their friends!

"It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown"!!

Here are some pics of our decorations:

I hope you all had a fun Halloween & are enjoying November!!

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