Sunday, December 2, 2012

On This Day

....Ty had his very first visit from the Tooth Fairy last night! He lost his bottom tooth yesterday in the car on the way to take Leah to gymnastics! He was so excited! We got home & placed it on the counter so he could show Drew when he got home. A couple of hours later he was looking for it & it was nowhere to be found! And he was in tears! He was so distruaght that the Tooth Fairy would be mad & wouldn't leave him anything. So we wrote her a note that apologized for losing the tooth & he drew her a pic of it instead. He placed it next to his pillow at bed time & this mornig he woke up to a 5 dollar bill!! He was thrilled!
...we got our Christmas tree today. It is a little early for us but things have got to get done in the next 12 days!! No lights yet or ornamants but hopefully that will happen this week.

And as an added bonus, Santa was at Tom Leonard's at the kids got to visit with him (against their wishes)!

....I bought myself a new tablet after months of deliberation! I finally decided on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 . I am very excited but know that it will take me quite some time to figure it all out! was 65* here today & absolutely beautiful! Hard to believe that it's December when we get spoiled with this weather! The kids are holding out hope for a white Christmas! We will see....

...I got some more decorating done in the house! One more room left to clean & conquer!

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday!

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