Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"He's Making A List"

And no, I'm not talking about Santa!
Ty & Leah have been on a kick lately about who can & can not come in their rooms. So Ty made a list and taped it to his bedroom wall:
In case you're having a hard time deciphering an almost 6 year old's writing, it says "Mom, sometimes Leah, date (which means daddy), Charley (i.e. Charlie, his best friend)! He feels the need to copy whatever his big sister does & she apparently told him recently that he could not come in his room! I'd like to make a list to put on my wall! HA!

Ty turns 6 tomorrow, which is so hard to believe! He is such a sweet, sensitive, caring little boy who tugs at my heartstrings daily. He told me shortly after Christmas, as his was putting on a new pair of jammies, that they were so soft & said "thank you so much Mommy". Little moments of gratitude like this are so substantial to me. I really believe this little guy has a heart bigger than the sun and his smile lights my world daily! He has blessed our family immensely and I thank God for him each and every day.
His grandmother passed away early today and he is handling it with strength and the candor of a child. He is sad but is so very excited for his birthday! I hope he has an amazing year and continues to shine so brightly! 
Good night all! 

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