Monday, June 24, 2013

So This Is Summer....

Yep, Summer is in full swing around here! The days have grown hotter & more humid; the mosquitoes are unceasing & the kids have begun fighting!!
If you did not already know, I am rather ambivalent about summer. I enjoy the break from schedules & homework, but I do not like the heat! And I can only handle so much fighting, bickering & yelling. We have been trying to stay busy, which helps keep the incessant boredom-moaning at bay. We went to see "Monsters University" today & the kids enjoyed that. After dinner we took a family bike ride. Last night we played a family game of baseball. We have been to Jumpology, a local trampoline arena-the kids loved that! We've been to the pool; the mall & out to eat with friends. So far, it has been fun. I just worry about the next 11 weeks!
I know I will be sad when September comes, but boy, right now 11 weeks seems like a long time!!
I am making a list of things we would like to do. Here are some of them:

-go to Great Wolf Lodge (kids' request)
-beach day
-visit Mt. Vernon
-go to Luray Caverns
-visit Natural Bridge & the Safari Park
-take a trip to Ticonderoga Farms
-trip to Denver

Hope you all are enjoying the season. What are some of your favorite summertime activities?
Stay cool!

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