Saturday, January 17, 2015

He's 8?!

That can't possibly be right! This little guy had another birthday yesterday & my heart did a small flip.
I think because he is my baby, every birthday we celebrate with him is bittersweet. He is growing up too quickly! Faster than I honestly like!!
 I mean really, where did this BABY go?!!?!
 Or this sweet little 3 year-old who loved nothing more than cuddling with his puppy? (He still loves to cuddle with his doggy. They've just both gotten much bigger!)

He begged us to get him out of school early since we do on Leah's birthday every year. We obliged & took him & her to lunch & then to see Paddington Bear. We came home & he opened presents from us &  then Mom-Mom came over with her gifts for him. He was thrilled to get a lot of Nerf guns (his request) & an Orioles hat! His aunt & uncle & cousin came by after dinner for a visit & brought more gifts (lucky boy)!

(Be still my  heart....)
He is a sweet & loving boy who also has a rough edge  & loves to be outside playing with friends. He can be a grump at times (like when he has to be woken up in the morning) but is mostly happy & easy going. Give him a baseball bat or football & he couldn't be happier. He likes to do his own thing & follow his own lead which I am so proud of. He is a kind-hearted & good friend.
He is my son & I love him with all my  heart, despite the fact that  he won't listen & continues to grow up!!! I couldn't be prouder of who is turning out to be. Love him!

Hope your Saturday has been a good one.


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