Thursday, May 24, 2012



Today was a big day here. Ty graduated from pre-school! I am still finding it hard to believe. So I wanted to get my thoughts down & figured I'd join Stephanie Howell's Blog Your Heart rage & just simply blog about my feelings tonight.
We have spent the last eight years at CLC, the pre-school where both my children went. We have loved the teachers, aides & staff there. We have enjoyed all of the fun activities that were offered the children & the kids made many new & lasting friendships! So to say that we are sad that this era has ended would be an understatement. We were very fortunate to have such a solid foundation as this pre-school in our childrens lives. I will miss the people there, I will miss the fun parties & field trips & I will even miss driving through the carpool line every morning & afternoon! When you have done something for so many years, no matter how monotonous, you are bound to miss it in some way, right?!
But beyond that, I realize that my baby boy, my youngest, is growing up very quickly. I look at his older sister & it seems like she was just celebrating this same milestone not too long ago. Now she is looking at the end of her third grade year. It is all so fleeting & it makes me long to find a way to hold on a bit tighter &
 somehow make their childhood last a little bit longer. Each new milestone & event is exciting, don't get me wrong. I know Ty will love Kindergarten once he gets started. I am very excited for him & the new discoveries & friends he will make. It is just so bittersweet that this time has come so quickly. And that each passing year seems to scatter through our fingers before we have a chance to realize it. So I want with all of my heart to enjoy every single moment with my children this summer & make great memories that will last for years to come.
We are all so proud of Ty! He is an amazing little boy who is filled with kindness & love, compassion & understanding. He is curious but cautious; rambunctious but gentle; he is a good friend & a tenderheart.
He had a wonderful day today, but now, unfortunately is sick. We are hoping that this illness passes quickly so that he can resume being that  happy, easy-going five year old that we all love dearly!!!

Hope you all are well!

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