Friday, August 31, 2012

A Big (Scrappy) Challenge

Hey y'all! How is it the last day of August already?!! Where did this summer go? I have to say, that probably for the first time since I myself was in school, I am sad it's over! I actually don't want my kids to go back to school! I know-someone check my temp!!!

Anyhow, I mentioned earlier in the month that the members over at the Flying Unicorn were running the challenges this month. One of them was to create a layout over the 31 days of August, adding something to your layout each day. I had never done this before & had so much fun!! It was a challenge for sure, but I looked forward to it each day.
Here are the specifics for each day:
AUGUST 1 2012. Pick your Project. If It is a LO then your base is Plain Cardstock. White, black, kraft or Ivory. As long as there is no print. If its an altered item. Prime it one of these colors. Then distress outside edge. Your choice punch or rough edge or ink.

AUGUST 2, 2012. Augustina Says..... Please take 3 different small stamps and create a background print on Cardstock. Colour ink of your choice. All 1 colour or up to 3 colours. Flourishes, swirls or flowers would look marvelous but stamp choice is also up to you.

August 3, 2012- Augustina says to cut a strip of patterned paper 3 inches by the length of your layout or project. For example 3x12 for a 12x12 layout. Punch one side with a border punch or use decorative scissors. Place vertically on your page.

August 4, 2012. Augustina Says for today you need to add some leaves in the lower left hand corner, yup leaves (in honor of Maggi's beautiful paper she received) and it needs to be at least 3 leaves.

August 5, 2012. For my 2nd day, I decided to use my weather wand and had it rain last night. So this morning there are lots of bugs out and on your LO you need to add a ladybug. Where you put the ladybug is up to you but I want to see her, she can't hide under anything. Have a great day.

August 6, 2012. For today's challenge you need to add an "ant". Yup an ant, some where on your LO I need to see an ant.

August 7, 2012. Augustina thinks we need more patterned paper. 2 circles of patterned paper no bigger than 8 inches. Distress them how you want. They can be solid or cutouts.

August 8, 2012. Augustina says make a mat for your picture and decorate the edge. You can use stickles, lace, ribbon, etc..anything but ink. If you use a punch that does not count as a decoration. It must have dimension :o).

August 9, 2012.  Augustina says: Secure your mat to the paper you placed vertically. Place it about 2-3 inches from the left of the page.

August 10,2012, make 3 flowers and attach them in the to your page with adhesive of your choice! Please put them on the lower right corner of your photo mat you just glued down! i want to see what you grow in your garden with your own two hands!, no store bought flowers please!

August 11, 2012.  I was thinking since we have a flower cluster in the lower right corner of your phot mat, we should add a chippie to the upper left corner. Now this can't be any ol naked chippie! You need to "dress" it up a little with ink, glitter or pait.. make it a pretty chippie! 

August 12, 2012 place 3 shiney gems anywhere you like on your page, they can be any color and any size ! 

 August 13, 2012. Augustine say...Use washi tape in at least 3 points in your page.

August 14, 2012. Augustine says....draw some doodles and add in your page (at least 4)

August 15, 2012. Augustina Says Add in your layout at least 5 butterflies. 

 August 16, 2012 So today you will be adding Gesso, yes Gesso or White Acrylic paint to you beautiful layout. Now I, Augestina am going to trust you to use it sparingly and only in appropriate places on your layout. I only want you to use it where you think it will help you to be more creative with your layout. 

 August 17, 2012 Take two different colors of glimmer mist and only mist on the stamped background of your layout! Now this will get Augustina back on the right track.

August 18, 2012.  Fussy Cutting of flower and leaves for the corners with your flowers add them into the flowers you already have down.

August 19, 2012.
Today, I would like you to use a found object on your LO....something that you wouldn't usually associate with scrapping. I'll leave it up to you where you place it on your LO.

August 20, 2012. Today the Red Fairy would like you to make a metal flower for your LO using an old soda can

August 21, 2012. Today is the red fairy's last day and she would like to see some stitching in the top right hand corner of your LO.....a cloud, a sun, raindrops...something weather related as a garden needs help from the weather if it's to grow.

August 22,2012.  You must add at least one FRUIT (or vegetable ,if you so choose)
Place your fruit(s) somewhere near the bottom of your page.

August 23, 2012. I want us all the celebrate those friendships by adding a SEED PACKET tou your page. Your packet can be a real seed packet, printed from the internet, hand-drawn, etc. BUT your seed packet must be at least 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Lovingly place it on your page and highlight it with a flourish of some sort.

August 24, 2012. NOTHING needs to be added to your page today :)

 August 25, 2012 you will need to add your picture to the mat on your page .

August 26, 2012. Please add a banner to your page. Anywhere anysize. Any color. As long as its a banner its OK.

August 27,2012. The Good Fairy would like you to add lace to your page. Anywhere you want. Anysize any colour. Behind your page will work too. Peek a boo. or as a border. (On the corner of a ripped page or to cover a boo boo.) Works too.

August 28,2012. August 28 2012. Augustina would like you to add A birdhouse or birdbath.

August 29, 2012. Please add a stick Pin.

August 30, 2012.Augustina would like you to add a Title any size any where. Please use "Garden" In Title.

August 31, 2012.  August 31, 2012 . The last item to add is a heart at least 1. Then reveal your creation on this thread.
Here is my finished layout:

This is certainly not one of my favorite layouts, but it was tons of fun to create! Be sure to stop on over to the forum & play along with September's challenges! There are lots of great prizes to be had!!
 Til next time,

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